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Just a note of explanation.  From January to the current month will be this year.  The rest will be last year.  Example: If this is May 2018, then January thru May will be 2018 and June thru December will be 2017.


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Rider Logs

We have three ways to log your mileage if you are interested in doing this. Most of our members ride over 1,000 miles per year and the average is probably in the 2,000-3,000 mile range. In 2018 the road captain logged 5,000 miles.



The first option is an Excel Workbook.  It has twelve pages, one for each month.  It's dated for 2019 and has holidays, Wheelmen rides and a few other notes on it.  As you log your monthly mileage it keeps track of the monthly and year to date (YTD) mileage.  Each day has TWO cells, one for your mileage and one for a comment.  You can e-mail the current month to the Road Captain (right from within Excel) to turn in your miles.

You type your name on the January sheet where it says "Your name goes here" and it's copied to all the month's sheets.

Click on the image to download this rider log.

The second option is a universal rider log based on an Excel Workbook.  It has macros that zero out the current year and start a new one.  You just clear the year and start over with the same sheet.  Either RUN the two macros to refresh the year or download this one for 2019.  You'll have to set your macro security to "medium".  Each time you open the workbook you'll have to click "enable macros".  You can e-mail this one right from Excel to the Road Captain. 

Click on the image to download this rider log.

The third rider log option is a PDF file with a generic calendar.  Just download it and fill it in with a pen/pencil and maybe put it in a binder.

You'll have to copy it and send it to the Road Captain ... probably via postal mail if you use a pencil or scan it and e-mail if you entered the data into the monthly log.

Click on the image to download this rider log.