A Freebie Century
Saturday, May
26, 2018

     This has been a traditional Club Century for over 30 years and all who ride it find it offers a varying challenge depending on the wind.  The northern half is mostly flat while still in Lorain County.  The terrain starts to give way to some rollers as you get into Ashland County.  There's a real good one just outside Hayesville.  The ride home gets easier (if that's possible in a century) as you get further north.  The route looses altitude as you make your way toward Oberlin and if there's a tailwind, it's a real "breeze".

     This is a freebie century through southern Lorain and northern Ashland Ashland Counties.  The route takes us south from Oberlin through some rolling Amish countryside toward Jeromesville.  Then it's west on part of the Cardinal Trail to near Ashland.  From here, we'll head back home via route 511.  Plan for stops in Hayesville, Olivesburg (for BIG ice cream cones) and Nova to refuel.  It wouldn't hurt to take a Powerbar or two along, just in case.  For those who think 50 miles or so is enough, there's a cutoff at Ashland County Road 500 to accommodate you.  The only chance to buy food on the 50 mile is in Nova.

     The ride will start in Oberlin OH at the Oberlin Depot at 8:00 AM on Saturday, May 26, 2018.  The us just off South Main Street at the bike path,  a few blocks south of Tappen Square, across from McDonalds ... the center of town and the intersection of State routes 58 & 511.  If you are coming via the Ohio Turnpike, exit at route 58 (Exit 140) and travel south about 6 miles to Oberlin.  If you're unfamiliar with the area a MAP of the Oberlin area is available in PDF format.  If you have a Garmin GPS, click here and get a POI file with ALL the Wheelmen invitational starting points.  For more info, contact us at rides@lorainwheelmen.org